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Karl Tantscher

A Veteran in European business relations, after many years in the IT business, Karl founded East Consulting in 2005 to support other businesses on their way to greatness.
Today, the focus is on new business development for upstart companies such as 
www.diposta.com which represent the future in IT.
At the same time, a new field of education is developing, accelerating the state-school efforts in computing, robotics to form the future of our knowledge society.

Karl holds a master's degree in Physics from the University of Graz, Austria.

Lana 1

Svetlana Tantscher 

a musician and language instructor educated in St Petersburg, Moscow and Vienna, is directing our education business. Our Musical and Art School is located in Vienna, Alser Strasse 28/11 and is open for kids starting 3 years. More under www.harmoniawien.com

We strive to provide unique first class education for kids in preschool and elementary school ages including languages, arts such as music, painting, dance, theatre as well as computer literacy (programming, robotics).

Svetlana holds a master’s degree (Mag.phil.) from the University of Vienna.

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